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Let's talk about self sabotage.

When you say to someone "you are sabotaging my work and I do not like it".

It means the person is deliberately destroying your work. It could also mean "obstructing" your work.

That statement makes you feel bad, cheated, and every negative feeling you can imagine, especially if you have put in a lot of time and energy into the work or project as the case may be.

Self-sabotage is simply explained as standing in your own way!

Some signs you are self- sabotaging

-You don't believe in yourself

-You fear failure

-You doubt yourself a lot.

-You procrastinate a lot.

- You dwell on your mistakes

- You allow your past to dictate your future

-You give up too easily.

- You do not take 100% responsibility for your life. You always blame people.

God has invested too much into your life, your mind mine keeps bursting with great ideas, innovations, solutions that will not just bless other lives but your own life. Unfortunately, a lot of self sabotage is common these days . You would rather just chill on the phone, scroll through social media all day analyzing the results of other people's hard work, taking in social media junk which is not good for your mind.

Ignoring what you carry on your inside. Majoring on the minor and minoring on the major is self-sabotage. Postponing what should and can be done now till later (procrastination), is self-sabotage.

This week, sit down to have a meeting with yourself, be candid with your self (self audit), and then retrace your steps.

Take practical realistic steps and stop self-sabotaging.

God’s Grace is more than available and enough for you.

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