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So I can hear myself think

I read something recently which I found interesting and true. A lady wrote on one of her social media platforms how no one should be upset about the fact that she was not picking up most of her calls immediately they called, but that she was definitely going to return their calls.

She further went on to stress how phones and gadgets create so much noise in our lives, bombarding us with too many distractions. She ended by mentioning the people/things she gives priorities to in her life.

Thank God for technology that has made life easy, thank God for the smartphones that we have now, thank God for gadgets that are compact and very handy. Unfortunately, this devices are gradually taking over us and becoming "smarter than us"

It's not impossible that when you woke up this morning, rather than give thanks to your creator for the gift of a new day, then hand over the day into His hands you just grabbed your phone straightup!. You checked your messages, missed calls, emails, snapchat, instagram, and the list goes on....

Most of us are addicted to certain apps on our phone. Some people are addicted to just holding their phones even when nothing is going on. If your gadget is taken away from you just for 24 hours today how would you feel, or even act? I bet you, putting down or dumping your phone for some time will give you some reflection/clarity time.

For someone reading this write up, God has deposited so many ideas into your mind, profit making, life impacting, world transforming business ideas. Why are you letting Gadgets and Apps make you procrastinate on bringing this ideas to reality.I have met very intelligent young people who tell me every time they are broke, or they do not have enough. Guess what they are so resourceful! I see the large deposit of talents,ideas, creativity that God has put in them, which they can maximize to the fullest but they would rather waste their precious time on gadgets!

Everyone wants to be an "achiever "Discipline is key if you want to " achieve " in life .Put your device down and ask God what he wants you to do, what you should be doing,if you are on schedule with his plans for your life and do it.

I will conclude by saying "Your assignment is greater than the things that you allow to waste your time"

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