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Parenting Teenagers 1

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This is one very sensitive issue that is very dear and near to my heart. Having been a teenager myself, and being a teenage teacher for over 10 years.

A lot has evolved over the years, the world has moved online, a lot of teenagers are more in touch with life online than reality. A lot of parents either feel like they are losing control, or have lost control of their once obedient teenager.

As a teenage teacher, I can definitely tell that there is a very wide gap between teenagers from ten years ago and the teenagers of this day and age. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed anymore as I would be sharing a series of helpful tips and strategies over the coming weeks that have worked.

Seek to understand your teenager

You start winning by seeking to understand your teenager. I have come to realize that teenage parents make the mistake of trying to raise their teenagers the way their parents raised them. Maintaining the status quo in this time and age should be "walking the old path wearing new shoes". On the contrary, a lot of parents are missing it by "walking the old path still wearing old shoes". I agree with you that there are some fundamentals that should remain, there are morals, and values that cannot be traded , and cannot be compromised.

However, dear parent please be open to understanding your teenagers' thought patterns, read books on teenage psychology, seek to understand the trending platforms ( apps, virtual hangouts and activities) that they interact with daily.

The benefits of intentionally educating yourself as a parent to teenagers would drastically reduce your mistake span. You would be more enlightened on knowing when to do what and why, For example: you know when to be their friend, know when to be firm, maintaining your stand, you know when to raise your voice, you know when to have a quiet conversation instead.You know to always be open to listening to them, You know when to just give them a hug /hold them in a warm embrace no questions asked, no further probing after an intense sharing moment ,you know when to listen, and then ask questions.

Once you get this first tip! you are definitely on your way to a great parenting journey.

Simply “Google” : “Teenage Parenting Books”


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