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Cart before the Horse

The expression "cart before the horse" is a proverb used to suggest something which is done contrary to a conventional or culturally expected order . A cart is a vehicle which is ordinarily pulled by a horse. To put the cart before the horse,is an analogy for doing things in the wrong order.

We have all at one point or the other made this mistake. Some we realized and could correct; some we realized but the mistake could not be undone.

Procrastination, Premarital sex that led to unwanted pregnancy, Misplaced priories that made you loose a lifetime opportunity......the list goes on and on. However, whatever it is it's not too late. As long as you are ready to cooperate with God, he can still re align with his grand plan for your life.

Practical steps that have worked overtime:

Have a meeting with yourself - Assess the mistake made, how you contributed to it , what you should have done, what you should not have done, what you would do differently going forward.

Spend time in God's presence- Talk to him like you would talk to your best friend

Set your priorities right- Major on the major; Minor on the minor (less social media distraction)

Discipline your flesh- be hard on yourself from time to time. Less talk and more action.

Get occupied with relevant content and tasks that point you in the direction of Life's purpose in life.

With God's help and your cooperation with him you would be back on track.

Please feel free to share in the comment section a cart before the horse experience you have had or are having, and how you got back on track.

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