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Choosing Consistency

35 years old Aileen decided 2019 was going to be the year she would work on her body goals. She wanted to look the way she looked in her early twenties. Firmly toned body, flat tummy possibly with some abs peeking through, healthier and lighter. A younger looking version of herself in summary.

She started the year with the picture of how she was going to look etched in her mind's eye.She went and got herself new workout clothes, 3 sets of matching gym gear, running shoes, gym gloves, a gym subscription, meal prep plates. Everything that would help her achieve her goal!

The first two months, she kept at it she could feel the weight drop. By the third month she was getting tired and loosing momentum, however she managed to keep up.

By the fifth month she was on and off.

By the 7th month she started eating junk in bits almost everyday, however sneaking in a workout or three here and there every month.

By November, she found herself at the point where she did not even do a home workout not to talk of driving down to the gym to workout.

Fast forward to December, staring at herself in the mirror, she wished she had chosen consistency regardless of life's hurdles. Of course life throws itself in the way of everyone, but we choose how we respond.There were people like her that started the journey and had achieved a healthier toned body.

This probably sounds like you. You might have conducted an appraisal of your life's goals for the year. You committed to doing things differently so you could see a change for the best.

You made the moves, but weren't consistent hence the results didn't show. Do not be hard on your self, everyday you wake up is a gift from God. It's God's way of letting you know he believes you can smash those goals, make more and smash them again.

Make up your mind in the new year to choose consistency! Of course God's got this but you have got this too.

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