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Fight the good fight

​​"Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before many witnesses"- 1 Timothy 6:12

At the beginning of the year, I came across a message preached by a man of God, who had just lost his wife.

I have always heard the phrase "fight the good fight of faith" said in church all my life. However, the perspective was different and I thought to share.

The pastor shed light on how after his wife's' passing, he sat down to process every year of their journey as a couple.

How there were many times he did not fight a good fight with his wife.

How many times, what they fought about was completely uncalled for, irrelevant, not that great, did not require the reactions he gave.

While he preached, I all of a sudden remembered I had heard this same kind of reflective statement from grandma, shortly after my grandpa passed years ago.

Here are some common lessons from both of them,

that can help as you journey through life : - Pursue/ Run after peace as much as possible -Learn to take your eyes of some trivial things and enjoy your loved ones. Love up on them more this year -For couples "Fight a good fight together against the "enemy" not against yourselves. -Generally, with all your human relations this year when something happens that gets you upset. Before you respond or react, ask yourself "am I fighting a good fight?" If it is not, just walk away and keep it moving. Fight a good fight this year!

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