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What is your posture like?

It had been quite a while winner had her personal intimacy session with God. Different from her regular quiet time, Just a time where she got to worship, bask in his presence, no rush, no pressure, no noise, just ask him questions, ask for his opinion on some things and more…

One day, the opportunity presented itself and she began telling him how much she had missed him.

Then she asked, "How many of us do you have these moments with. We must be a lot (based on what I see in church) ". He calmly spoke into her spirit "It is not everyone that comes to church that is intimate with me. Most people come for what they can get, just a very few come, smile at me and say Daddy I am here again, how can I worship you, how can I pour my love on you, what do you want me to do, what can I give to you, and finally what do you have for me. Now that is intimacy" He wrapped up his answer by asking, "what is your posture"

She sat on the floor thinking wait a minute. My posture reflects my level of intimacy with different people. A hi wave with a straight face, a hi wave with a warm smile, a hug, a really squishy hug, a peck, a squishy hug, and a kiss. All different levels...

What is your posture with the Lord?

He longs for intimacy

Intimacy broken down - "INTO ME SEE"

He wants to see into you and you see into him

He wants you to see what he sees in you!

Many call him Daddy in public but he knows who his children really truly are

What is your posture like?

Father Help me

Forgive me of all my wrongs

Please wash me clean

Hold me

Speak to me

I want to bask in your sweet presence

Nothing in this world can satisfy

My heart beats for you

My heart longs for you

My soul cries for you

My flesh yearns for you

I love you, Lord!

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